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TLWI Dev #131

27 May 2023

Optimize your tech game with Chris Titus Tech, open-source link shortener, bidding system creation, lazy pattern improvement, and 50 🔥 C# optimization tips.

6 min read

TLWI Dev #130

20 May 2023

Boost your productivity with free resources on programming, MLOps, project planning, blog management and more in this week's newsletter!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #129

13 May 2023

Master JavaScript, Flexbox, and Notifications with LangchainJS - all in one read!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #128

06 May 2023

Level up your tech game with GPT-powered hacking tools, Dark Mode in 3 Lines of CSS, new social networking tech, cutting-edge segmentation implementation, and accessible scheduling infrastructure - all in this week's newsletter!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #127

29 April 2023

Explore the latest in health data querying, language model training, Apache Kafka learning, and GPT-4 level tech with our weekly newsletter.

6 min read

TLWI Dev #126

24 April 2023

Discover open source contribution opportunities, multiplatform app templates, job hunting tips, a 7s counting challenge, and the true meaning of timing attacks on this week's newsletter.

5 min read

TLWI Dev #125

08 April 2023

Level up your React development with Storybook, prop drilling insights, NodeJS file security, LangChain library tutorial, and top CSS generators.

6 min read

TLWI Dev #124

01 April 2023

Unleash the power of Chinese Language Models with Luotuo & discover why unpredictability and humanity matter in AI development, while Cloudflare bypass for OpenAI raises questions on continuing beyond GPT-4.

7 min read

TLWI Dev #123

25 March 2023

Dev news round-up: Top posts, TypeScript repositories, videogame programming tools, GitHub Copilot Chat, and Visual Studio for Linux disappointment.

5 min read

TLWI Dev #122

18 March 2023

Explore cutting-edge AI technologies with OpenAI ChatGPT, GPT-3, and DALL·E in this week's tech roundup.

6 min read

TLWI Dev #121

11 March 2023

Level up your skills with our newsletter featuring awesome lists, AI UI creation, NextJS projects, Python programming challenge, and job tips.

6 min read

TLWI Dev #120

04 March 2023

Discover the latest in tech with our newsletter featuring Next.js versus React, configuring Kubernetes, and the coolest JavaScript features of the last 5 years.

6 min read

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