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TLWI Dev #170

02 March 2024

Dive into tech's finest with a billion-row Java challenge, backend refactoring in Go, PyTorch's Google models, a year in gender minority tech, and a fresh start with Rust!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #169

24 February 2024

Explore a superfast Python package installer, get answers from private sources using natural language, learn about career switching, discover the Featured Mod Pachi, and see how Neovim can change your perspective!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #168

17 February 2024

Explore top Python libraries for 2024, Bluesky’s new social networking tech, essential GitHub repositories, innovative ways to build your AI assistant, and superior AWS visualization with sls-mentor!

5 min read

TLWI Dev #167

10 February 2024

Discover network automation truth, streamline note-taking, understand blockchain metadata, manage personal finances seamlessly, and start learning React.js!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #166

03 February 2024

Explore top organizations to support for Black History Month, master Python and React.js, decode Vue 3's reactivity system, and learn to inference CodeLlama Models, all in one place!

5 min read

TLWI Dev #165

27 January 2024

From kickstarting your web development journey to exploring trending open-source projects, mastering identity generation, and guiding on tech adoption, we've got everything you need to up your tech game!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #164

20 January 2024

Boost your HTML power, revamp your GitHub Readme, bulletproof your website deployment, run reproducible Python scripts, and interact with a natural language computer interface - all in this week's edition!

5 min read

TLWI Dev #163

13 January 2024

Explore ways to expand your Open Source community, get started with Docker, create a booking app with Go, celebrate weekly wins, and effectively use Feature Flags in DevOps!

5 min read

TLWI Dev #162

06 January 2024

Rock out with an open Spotify client, get savvy with stock options, wade through UI struggles, discover top Javascript newsletters, and explore AI collaborative intelligence with CrewAI!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #161

30 December 2023

Master PDFs, clone sounds, jam with an open-source Spotify client, explore JS frameworks, and snag exiting users - all in one spot!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #160

23 December 2023

Explore chatbot innovations with Lobe Chat, discover custom Android apps focused on accessibility, spark creativity with fun APIs, learn to build desktop apps with JavaScript and delve into the gender discrimination issue in tech!

6 min read

TLWI Dev #159

16 December 2023

Boost your skills with project-based tutorials, dive into JavaScript Data Structures, explore Lobe Chat's chatbot framework, debate on tag regulation for listicles, and learn to build Real-Time Next.js Apps!

6 min read

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