Hello code-crunchers and tech enthusiasts, grab a coffee and let’s gallop into this week's techie hoopla!

Are you ready to turbocharge your data science prowess? Look no further as we uncover the most desirable Python libraries for your DataScience CV in 2024. Glide through the evolving landscapes of Python libraries specifically curated for data manipulation, visualization, machine learning and more. Making your CV pop has never been this exciting!

Dim the lights and cue the dramatic music because this is huge! The minds that brought us the addictive mnemonics-sharing platform have done it again. Presenting Bluesky's social networking technology that's all set to add a crispy twist to how we connect, share and engage online. If cyber chatter gets your mind buzzing, you don't want to miss this innovation divorce!

Dreamt of owning a personalized Jarvis? Bring your dream to virtual vivacity by learning how to build AI Assistants using function calling. Uncover the secret to creating your intuitive assistants that can transform your user interactions in a whiz. Hey Jarvis, let's create some sparks!

With the sea of code available on GitHub, finding those life-saver code nuggets can be quite a scavenger hunt. Wipe off your worry brows, we've got you covered with 18 Must-Bookmark GitHub Repositories Every Developer Should Know. Dive into this treasure trove that every coder and developer should have at their fingertips. Your coding journey just got a lot smoother!

We are all about smart work, aren't we? That's why the wizards behind sls-mentor have supercharged the way you monitor AWS apps. Unleash your cloud power and visualize your AWS app like never before with sls-mentor. Who said data visualization can't be fun?

Stay tuned for more exhilarating tech expeditions in our next edition. Until then, break codes, create magic, and keep those curiosity bugs buzzing!


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