TLWI Dev #87

Hello and welcome back to our weekly newsletter where we bring you the latest and greatest in the programming realm! This week, we have some exciting highlights to share with you.

First up, GoogleTest — a Google testing and mocking framework. It's an open-source library designed to help developers write better unit tests. With it, you can easily create mock objects and stubs, write test cases, and more. So, whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this is a tool you definitely don't want to miss.

Next, we have a fascinating article on developing an authentication system in Java+Tarantool. It's an informative read that dives into the specifics of building an effective authentication system with Tarantool, a high-performance NoSQL database. If you're looking to up your authentication game, be sure to check it out!

Now, for something a little more fun — we stumbled upon a series of adorable anime girls holding programming books! Anime Girls Holding Programming Books has been trending on social media, and we can see why. These illustrations are so cute, and we definitely give them major props for representing and encouraging women in programming.

For our Chinese-speaking readers, we have a guide that might pique your interest. 程序员在家做饭方法指南 is a programmer's guide about how to cook at home. It's filled with tips and tricks to make the most out of your time in the kitchen, all while keeping in mind the schedule of a busy programmer. From quick meals to budget-friendly options, this guide has it all.

Finally, we have some exciting news for frontend developers. Next generation frontend tooling is making waves in the development community for being lightning fast. It's a suite of tools designed to offer a more seamless workflow, making it easier than ever to develop, test, and deploy frontend projects. If you're tired of clunky tools and slow build times, give this one a try!

And that's a wrap for this week's newsletter! We hope you found these links helpful and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more exciting highlights in the coming weeks.


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