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Firstly, are you big into health and fitness? Do you use an Apple Watch? If so, we've got some amazing news for you! The latest update to the Apple Health app allows you to query your Apple Health data with natural language 💬 🩺. Whether you want to know how many steps you've taken today or what your heart rate was during your last workout, all you need to do is ask!

For our data scientists out there, we've got a treat for you too! The RedPajama-Data repository contains code for preparing large datasets for training large language models. Whether you're working on improving machine translation or building a chatbot, this repository has got you covered. Don't forget to give it a star if you find it useful!

Are you planning to learn Apache Kafka in 2023? Look no further! We've put together a list of our favorite FREE courses to help you get started. From beginner-friendly introductions to more advanced topics, we've got everything you need to become an expert in no time!

Next up, we've got an exciting milestone to celebrate! Our favorite open-source framework, Novu, has just hit 20k stars on Github. That's right, Celebrating Novu @ 20k Stars! If you're not familiar with Novu, it's a fantastic tool for building machine learning models with ease. We highly recommend giving it a try!

Last but not least, we've got some amazing news for all the NLP enthusiasts out there. A team of researchers has built a Large Language-and-Vision Assistant with multimodal GPT-4 level capabilities. This means that the AI can not only understand text and images but also generate responses based on both. We can't wait to see what this technology will be capable of in the future!

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