TLWI TypeScript #53

Hello, techies! It's another week and we've got some exciting links for you to explore. We're sure you'll enjoy learning interesting things with the highlights of today's newsletter.

First up, are you JavaScript developers wondering how to use Binary data in your code? Well, look no further! Using Binary Data In JavaScript will provide you with the steps to convert binary data to base64 encoded string and to decode it as an Array Buffer.

Ever tried building a full-stack TypeScript application with turborepo? Here's your chance to dive into the process with the second link we've got for you today. Building a full-stack TypeScript application with Turborepo will show you how to kick start your project in no time.

For those Strapi users out there, why settle for the default settings when you can customize your back-end using TypeScript? How to Customize the Strapi Back-end Using TypeScript takes you through the steps to achieve this.

You know what's better than using React Higher-Order Component? Creating it with TypeScript! How to create React Higher-Order Component in TypeScript provides a simple guide to creating HOC.

Finally, we have a 71-Nodejs Course 2023: Request Throttle, Rate Limiters, and DDOS Attacks. 71-Nodejs Course 2023: Request Throttle, Rate Limiters, and DDOS Attacks is a complete guide for seasoned Nodejs developers who want to study advanced topics. You won't want to miss it!

So, there you have it, techies. We hope you enjoy clicking those links, and feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us. Hasta la vista!


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