TLWI TypeScript #47

Welcome to this week's newsletter where we’ve got some exciting stuff to talk about! Are you ready? Then let's get started!

First up, we've got an awesome article on setting up a TypeScript project from scratch. If you're a TypeScript enthusiast or looking to get started, this is the article for you! It's full of easy-to-follow steps and examples, and is definitely worth a read.

Next on the list is tRPC - an exciting new way to understand typesafety for your projects. This article gives a detailed explanation about the concept, and what you can do to make sure your code is well-typed. Check it out and level-up your typesafety game!

And if you're a fan of React, then we've got some thrilling news for you! React just got awesome'er! Yes, you read that right! The latest update brings in some incredible new features, and we can’t wait to see what you'll make with them.

Now, let's geek-out a little with Angular. Do you want to understand dependency injection better? Then this article is what you're looking for. It's an easy-to-follow guide on Angular dependency injection - with absolutely no needles involved!

And finally, let's talk about Visual Studio Code. If you're a developer but haven't tried out Visual Studio Code yet, what are you waiting for? It's free, sleek, and packed with an array of features that are sure to make your life easier. Give it a try!

That's it for this week folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed this week's edition of our newsletter. As always, feel free to share it with your fellow developers and give us your feedback. We love hearing from you!


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