TLWI TypeScript #35

Welcome to this week's edition of our weekly newsletter! We've got some exciting highlights to share with you today, so be sure to take a look at this week's top stories and don't miss out on any of the latest news and updates.

First up, we've got an incredible e-commerce API built with Node-Js, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Kafka. If you're looking to build an online store, this API is definitely worth checking out! It's got all the features you need to create a robust and scalable e-commerce platform, and it's designed to make your life easier every step of the way.

Next up, we've got some exciting news for those of you concerned about online security. A group of Ukrainian volunteers has created a security platform designed to protect us from Russian forces in the internet. It's an incredible feat of technological engineering and teamwork, and we're super excited to see how it evolves and grows over time.

In case you missed it, version 1.2.0 of djs-marshal is out! This powerful library makes it easy to serialize and deserialize data in a way that's both efficient and easy to use. If you're working on a Node-Js project, this library is definitely worth checking out. Head to our blog post to learn more about what's new in this release.

For those of you following along with the #30Days MEAN Project, we're now on Day 3! It's been an exciting journey so far, and we're enjoying seeing all the amazing progress our readers are making. Whether you're new to MEAN or you're a seasoned pro, this project is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in web development.

Last but not least, we've got an exciting new AWS CDK tutorial for you to check out. In this post, we're going to take a look at how to use the CDK to create a simple lambda and CDK watch setup. If you're new to AWS CDK, or if you're just looking for some new ideas and inspiration, this tutorial is definitely worth your time. Head to our blog post to learn more!


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