TLWI TypeScript #3

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! We've got an exciting edition for you this week, packed with fantastic links that we can't wait to share. If you're looking for ways to simplify your serverless web and mobile development, then look no further than the AWS Amplify CLI. This toolchain is designed to make your life easier, allowing you to build modern applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

If you're interested in building serverless apps, then you won't want to miss this next link. The Serverless Stack (SST) framework is revolutionizing the way we think about app development. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, SST makes it possible to create fully functional serverless apps in no time at all. So why wait? Check it out today and start building!

For those of you who are following the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program, we've got some great news for you. The first evaluations are coming up, and we've got all the information you need to know. Check out our exclusive article on GSoC First Evaluations: All You Need to Know for a detailed breakdown of what to expect.

If you're into cryptocurrency and blockchain, then you'll love our next link. This open source interface for the Uniswap protocol is a must-see for anyone interested in decentralized finance. With its intuitive design and powerful capabilities, it makes trading and managing your cryptocurrencies simpler than ever before.

Finally, we've got a link that's sure to appeal to all you developers out there. GraphQL with TypeScript done right is a comprehensive guide to building GraphQL apps with TypeScript. With step-by-step tutorials and in-depth explanations, this resource is perfect for anyone looking to take their development skills to the next level.

That's it for this week's newsletter. We hope you enjoyed our selection of links and found something to pique your interest. As always, stay tuned for more great content coming your way soon!


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