TLWI TypeScript #26

Hey there! It's newsletter time again and this week we have some exciting stuff to share with you. So hold onto your hats and keep your eyes peeled for these highlighted links Building Chrome extension with Vite ⚡️, The modern web developer’s platform, You don't need null, React Native- Theming made simple(2022), and last but not least, How to get rid of vulnerabilities with just NPM 👀.

Have you been dreaming of building your own Chrome extension? Well, we've got the perfect tutorial for you! Building Chrome extension with Vite ⚡️ is a must-read topic for anyone wanting to expand their Chrome development skills. You'll learn how to tame this lightning-fast build tool, Vite, and build some amazing Chrome extensions in no time.

Are you a modern web developer looking for the ultimate platform? Well, look no further! The modern web developer’s platform is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for developers looking to create amazing web applications. It's an all-in-one toolkit that makes the web development process easier than ever.

Have you ever questioned the use of null in your code? Well, you're not alone. As it turns out, You don't need null. This article will teach you why null is bad and what you can do instead to improve your code. So say goodbye to null and hello to better code!

If you're a React Native developer, you'll want to check out React Native- Theming made simple(2022). This tutorial teaches you the ins and outs of theming in React Native, making it easier than ever to style your apps. Say goodbye to the headache of customizing themes and hello to beautiful, streamlined design.

Finally, let's talk about security. How to get rid of vulnerabilities with just NPM 👀 is a must-read article for anyone who wants to keep their npm packages as secure as possible. It offers some valuable advice on how to detect and fix vulnerabilities in your packages, ensuring that your code is always secure.

That's it for this week, stay tuned for more exciting updates next week. Until then, keep coding!


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