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Hello there tech enthusiasts,

What a wonderful week we've had! A profusion of knowledge to share, trails to blaze and of course, ample opportunities to code 'till dawn. We're back with all things fun and familiar, if you're as hooked on TypeScript as we are, this is your hub! Beaming directly onto your screens, here's our round-up for the week!

If you've been eagerly awaiting the prized "Total TypeScript" book, hold onto your seats because we have a treat just for you. Check out the companion repo to whet your appetite and dive headfirst into your TypeScript journey.

Next up, we're super thrilled to introduce Lobe Chat - our sizzling new take on ChatGPT/LLMs UI/Framework, designed to blow your minds away! 🤯 With it, you can enjoy features like speech synthesis, a multimodal environment, and an extensible plugin system. Deploy your private ChatGPT/Gemini/Ollama chat application - not just effortlessly, but also FREE with just a click!

We've got some hot-off-the-press TypeScript news as well. We're beyond excited to announce the release candidate for [TypeScript 5.4](** - February 22, 2024)! We're convinced that this latest version will bow you over with its unprecedented capabilities.

Have a heart for Discord bots? Well, here's something to bolster your love! Go on and learn how to create a dynamic AI Discord bot using TypeScript. This guide could be your lighthouse in uncharted waters, helping you create some spiffy, intelligent bots!

And last but definitely not the least, in our ongoing quest to simplify web designing, we're doling out a guide on creating a Blog web app using Adonis.js 6. This resource could well be your stepping stone to creating some cool web applications with a flamboyant difference.

Keep coding, keep shining, and remember, the sky's your limit!

Stay curious, The TypeScript Newsletter Team


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