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Next up, we are introducing an incredible offering for automating your work like never before. Check out this free and source-available fair-code licensed workflow automation tool. It's an absolute game-changer and a fantastic resource that will allow you to easily automate tasks across different services, so you can spend more time writing code that matters instead of tedious administrative tasks.

Ever thought of the stars meeting AI? Well, we have got you covered there too! We are in the process of building an astrological GPT. You read it right, astrological! A General Predictive Text model for astrology, because why should predictive technology just be for weather or stocks? Get ready for some cosmic code!

Alright, onto a two-part coding saga. Unit Testing in NodeJS with Express & TypeScript, and we are on -- drum roll please -- Part Two: Building the API. Master the art of building resilient APIs with hands-on guidance on unit testing.

Lastly, don't forget our lovable Vue. If you are rocking with Vue 2, here's the go-to repository for Vue 2. However, if you're up-to-speed with Vue 3, remember to head over to its dedicated repo. Vue's got you covered, no matter what version you're into!

Stay hungry, stay curious, and may the code be with you all! Enjoy the read and get your code on! 🎉😁


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