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If you've been itching to level-up the interaction between your users and your product, you’ve got to check out our open source Shopify sidekick. 🤖 🔥 This gem lets your users chat with your product features, making them feel in direct control, all the while using the elegant simplicity of text commands. Who said conversations with bots weren't exhilarating?

From the house of @ngneat, we are thrilled to introduce you to the latest sensation in the world of open-source avatars – avvvatars. As they say, if you're not personalizing, you might as well be invisible. Let your brand personality shine with unique avatars for your users. 😉

If you're up for some techie DIYs, buckle up for an exciting journey of Building a Netflix Clone with NextJs 13.4: Part 1. And trust us, this is not just an experience, it's a skillset you probably won't stop boasting about at your next dev convention.

But, speaking of productivity, how can we not mention our favorite workflow automation tool? Free and source-available, this fair-code licensed tool lets you automate tasks across different services - super useful for those meticulous tasks that should never be left to human error.

Last but not least, we explore Primitive and flexible state management for React 👻 Tired of those inefficiencies when managing your state in React? Say no more, we got you covered! Enjoy a primitive yet flexible approach to state management that you never knew you needed.

That’s all, folks! Happy exploring, learning, and implementing. We can't wait to see what magic you create next. 💻 🚀 Stay tuned until next week where we dive into more enlightening tech happenings and inspire you with our next handpicked selection.


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