TLWI Rust #87

Welcome to this week's edition of our newsletter! We have gathered some exciting bits and pieces from the world of tech and beyond for you.

First on the list, we have an interesting tool that caught our attention. Say hello to Just a command runner, a command runner that creates and runs commands from files. With such a tool, you can easily create reproducible pipelines and avoid the headache of manually writing and executing commands.

For web developers looking to create fast, lightweight client web apps, we have got a treat for you. Rust / Wasm framework is gaining major popularity for its ease of use in building client web apps while maintaining high speed and stability. No wonder why developers are exploring it as an alternative to traditional web development tools.

If you are a Rust programmer, you will find this read interesting. Writing bindings to dos-like for Rust: some lessons learned sheds some light on the experience of writing bindings to dos-like for Rust, with lots of lessons to take away from it.

On the topic of search engine libraries, we cannot overlook Tantivy, a full-text search engine library built with Rust, inspired by Apache Lucene. Its speed and search flexibility is amazing, making it a top choice for some developers building search-intensive platforms.

Finally, let's venture into a different world altogether. If you are an elf enthusiast or just love collectibles, check out the Elrond NFT collection with Elven Tools. This collection offers a unique twist on NFTs with its beautifully designed cards that embody the power of mythical elves. It's definitely worth your time.

That's it for this week. We hope you enjoyed reading this edition of our newsletter. Until next time, stay curious and keep exploring new tech trends.


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