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Greetings, fellow tech enthusiasts! This week's newsletter brings you a blast of exciting updates from the world of programming. We've got a 3D/2D game engine that's making waves, a blockchain indexing tool for Ethereum, and a web-scale blockchain that's promising to revolutionize decentralized apps and marketplaces. Let's dive in!

First up, we have an impressive 3D and 2D game engine written in Rust that's catching quite a few eyes in the gaming community. The engine, called Amethyst, is open-source and offers a ton of features for game developers, including robust performance and an extensive ecosystem of plugins. If you're a game dev or just want to check out what Amethyst can do, be sure to follow the link to learn more.

Next, we have Graph Node, a powerful tool that indexes data from blockchains like Ethereum and serves it over GraphQL. This innovative approach enables developers to easily query blockchain data without having to write complex code or deal with issues like server configuration. Graph Node is gaining traction quickly, so it's definitely worth checking out if you work with blockchain tech.

Moving along, we have a new web-scale blockchain that's aiming to provide fast, secure, and scalable solutions for decentralized apps and marketplaces. The blockchain, called Oasis, utilizes a unique blend of technologies to ensure privacy and high performance, making it an exciting player in the world of blockchain development. Head over to the link to learn more about Oasis and how it could shape the future of blockchain tech.

Our next link brings us to the Sieve of Eratosthenes, a fascinating algorithm for finding prime numbers that dates back to ancient Greece. While the sieve has been around for centuries, it's still relevant today and is often used as a teaching tool for programming concepts like loops and conditional statements. If you're a math or programming buff, be sure to give it a read.

And last but not least, we have Rust Notes, a fantastic resource for anyone learning or working with the Rust programming language. Rust Notes offers condensed, easy-to-digest explanations of various Rust concepts, making it an excellent reference for both beginners and experienced Rust developers. If you're curious about Rust or looking for a handy reference tool, be sure to give Rust Notes a visit.

That wraps up this week's newsletter – we hope you found these links as exciting and fascinating as we did! Have a great week, and stay tuned for more tech updates next week.


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