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First up on this week's list, we're excited to introduce Qdrant, the massive-scale vector database pushing the frontiers of AI into the next generation. Designed for high performance, Qdrant serves as a powerhouse for the rigorous demands of the AI space. Even better? This bad boy is available in the cloud for convenience at your fingertips!

From the advanced world of AI, we plunge into the universe of Rust. We reveal the enigma of Rust modules and the use keyword in our exciting piece, Day22. So, if you're seeking to decode the insn and outs of Rust programming, look no further. Uncover the secrets inside and accelerate your Rust journey!

Stay in the Rust groove with our coverage on a Modern embedded framework, leveraging Rust and async. It seamlessly integrates Rust's memory safety and concurrency features into low-level embedded programming. Tech thrill-seekers, it's time to roll up your sleeves and dive in!

Ever wished there was an open-source alternative to TeamViewer? Well, your prayers have been heard! We present an Open-source remote desktop, creating waves in remote desktop solutions. A powerful alternative to TeamViewer, it's open-source, thus accessible to all. Say goodbye to long-distance tech problems, and hello to instant fixes!

Finally, let's have a bit of fun! Immerse yourself in our engaging egui experiment as we build a unique Cistercian Clock using Rust GUI. It's a blend of programming fun and medieval time-keeping – quite the unusual mix, right? Join us to savor a spiced-up Rust tech treat!

That's all for this week's tech-loaded extravaganza! Enjoy the reads, explore the links, and let's march towards a more enlightened and tech-savvy world together.


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