Welcome back to our weekly newsletter! This week, we have a collection of exciting links that will have you exploring new worlds, learning new coding languages, and embracing safer practices. Let's dive in!

First up, we have an open world, open source voxel RPG inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Cube World. This game is not only a fun way to spend time, but it's also an excellent opportunity to contribute to an open source project. The repository is a mirror, so please make sure to submit all PRs and issues on their GitLab page.

If you're looking for a new coding challenge, we have just the thing for you. Have you considered learning Rust? Well, 6 weeks with Rust is a great resource to get started! It's a comprehensive guide that will introduce you to Rust language concepts, system programming, error handling, and more.

Are you in the market for a faster way to build static sites? Look no further than Zola. It's a fast, static site generator that comes in a single binary with everything built-in. Trust us, you won't regret giving it a try.

In a world where security is a top priority, it's crucial to have memory-safe implementations of tasks such as sudo and su. That's where this implementation of sudo and su comes in. It offers a safer alternative to other implementations that are commonly used.

Last but not least, let's celebrate that we're already halfway through the 30 Days of Rust challenge. If you've been following along, congratulations! And if not, there's still time to jump in and start learning Rust.

That's all for this week's newsletter! We hope you enjoyed these links and found them informative. As always, feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with us. See you next week!


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