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Are you a Rust programmer with a love-hate relationship with the language's syntax? You’re not alone! In our first article, we explore Why Rust has Such a Complex Syntax. This thought-provoking piece investigates the intricacies that has both bewildered and fascinated Rust programmers for years.

Would you like to build fast web applications with Rust? Of course, you would! Who wouldn’t want to achieve lightning-fast speed and reliability? Check out Build fast web applications with Rust to learn how to make your dreams come true.

Attention Rust gamers! If you haven't heard about A Rust library for the Discord API yet, you're missing out! It's time to level up your Discord bot game with this fantastic Rust library that lets you create bots that do just about anything you can imagine.

If you’re looking to master memory management in Rust, we've got good news: You’ve come to the right place! The Unrivaled Guide to Rust Ownership: Master the Art of Memory Management and Unlock the True Potential of Your Code is the guide you've been waiting for. With this guide, you’ll be able to unlock the full potential of your code and program even more efficiently.

Lastly, are you interested in learning more about trustless scaling and privacy engines for Ethereum? Check out zkSync: trustless scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum to learn more about how to achieve trustless scaling in Ethereum and benefit from more privacy when conducting transactions on the blockchain.

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  • Announcing Rust 1.68.1 - Mar. 23

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