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TLWI Python #106

02 March 2024

Boost your Python prowess, master Bitcoin mining, enhance data visualization with Pandas, and ensure reliable tests with Vedro!

6 min read

TLWI Python #105

24 February 2024

Unlock your coding potential with our latest Python guides on file handling, map() function, threading vs asyncio vs multiprocessing, lambda functions, and a path to mastery in 100 days!

6 min read

TLWI Python #104

  • python announcements

17 February 2024

Explore our tech-debt solutions, dive into Django testing, modify PalWorld Server Toolkits, check out next-gen face swapping, and transition from PyTorch to Burn effortlessly.

6 min read

TLWI Python #103

  • python announcements

10 February 2024

Explore AI advancement with Eminem Bot App, delve into the latest Python updates, learn about OLMo model training, master Google scraping with Python, and restore images realistically with SUPIR!

7 min read

TLWI Python #102

03 February 2024

Unleash your creativity with Python, automate coding with DeepSeek, enhance customer service with LLM Whatsapp Assistant, and explore vector layer manipulation with PyQGIS!

6 min read

TLWI Python #101

27 January 2024

From mastering vector search with Pinecone Serverless, building NeRFs in a collaborative studio, automating reports with Amazon, to navigating ticket purchase assistance in an easy web format and exploring the SciPy library repository, we have all the tech guides you need!

6 min read

TLWI Python #100

  • python announcements

20 January 2024

Explore programming journeys, Python validation, refactoring tests, LLM inference enhancement, and Amazon Bedrock utilization, all in a shop-stop for tech insights!

6 min read

TLWI Python #99

13 January 2024

Boost ratings with Google 5 Star Reviews, set up your first Django project, clone voices instantly with MyShell, reveal reality with photorealistic Codec Avatars, and explore LangChain's advanced 3rd Module: Agents.

6 min read

TLWI Python #98

06 January 2024

Dive into this week's dose of coding & tech: Learn Apache Beam, explore openpilot's driver assistance features, test code with pytest, animate anyone with our unofficial guide, and master Text-to-Speech with a deep-learning toolkit!

7 min read

TLWI Python #97

30 December 2023

Dive into the vivid world of coding with scalable app-tools, deep dives into Bash, Lua, Python, Rust, innovative pipeline solutions, and personalized shopping experiences powered by AI!

7 min read

TLWI Python #96

23 December 2023

Level up your audio research with Amphion, automate with AI builder for pull requests, are you coding correctly? Free ChatGPT API key for cost-effective, unrestricted chatting, and celebrate J.A.R.V.I.S's GitHub success!

7 min read

TLWI Python #95

  • python announcements

16 December 2023

Unlock the power of Python: from using curl and retrieving BusinessObjects data to Lambda deployment, generators, and problem-solving with backtracking!

5 min read

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