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Welcome back to another exciting issue of our weekly tech chronicle. This week, we're jumping head-first into various eccentricities and enigmas of the tech world, lightening up your understanding with some bare-knuckle, bare-metal revelations. From unearthing the quirkiest behaviors of Go http server to exploring the labyrinthine structuring of AWS using Golang, we've got it all packed in this insightful edition. So, buckle up, grab your coffee, and let the tech adventure begin!

Ever reminisce about the ‘Good Old Days’ when life used to be about simpler things? This week, we're revisiting some nostalgia and taking you back in time with this fascinating article on "Go Bare Metal Thing That I Remember". If you thought you knew everything about 'Go Bare Metal', think again! This gripping piece is sure to baffle you and revisit your understanding.

Next in line, we have a paradox of programming. Frustrated about named pipes that still block despite being given the O_NONBLOCK flag? You're not the only one! Our next feature, "Named pipes with O_NONBLOCK still block", provides intriguing insights into the enigmatic behavior of named pipes, a mystery that keeps programmers enthralled.

With Google's protocol buffers becoming the new favorite kid on the block, we thought of adding value to your knowledge. Check out our informative piece on "Go support for Google's protocol buffers" that provides an excellent foundation on how Go supports Google's ingenious venture.

Cloud computing and Golang enthusiasts, rejoice! Our next segment, "Build and Deploy: With AWS (Lambda, API Gateway and DynamoDB) using Golang", is specially crafted for engineering minds who are eager to unravel the fusion of AWS components and Golang. This piece is a go-getter's guide to building and deploying in no time!

Lastly, to spice things up, we landed on an anomaly in the realm of Go http server and TLS 1.2. Our final piece, "Go http server is sending Alert message: decryption_failed_RESERVED in TLS 1.2 but as per RFC 5246 it is not correct behavior", probes into an interesting discrepancy that's been troubling the tech town.

That’s our menu for the week, folks. Stay curious, keep learning and remember, you're just one click away from a treasure of knowledge!


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