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Hello Tech Magicians!

Welcome to another wizardry-filled edition of our weekly newsletter. This week's offering promises to brew a mix of tech-savvy potions and digital enchantments for all those who dare to unlock its secrets.

Pining for those delightful dings informing you of fresh updates in real time? Wish your phone or desktop chime every time there is an update? Well, your wish is about to be granted! Discover the enchanting realm of sending push notifications using PUT/POST. Learn how to make your systems notify you whenever they conjure up something new! Let's turn that bell icon green, shall we? Dive into all the magic right here.

Do you always seem to have an insatiable thirst for new functions in Go? For execute-in-order code mages, our second highlight is something akin to a 'magical incantation'. Begin your Go functions with the mighty ‘func init() {}’ and code your way to victory! Command, control and caffeinate your code, all here.

Next in line is an enchanting manual, helping our devoted followers convert RSS feeds to JSON in Go. 'Converting RSS Feeds to JSON in Go: A Guide to API Integration', is your ultimate grimoire that demystifies the invocation for seamless API integration! Get ready to go and unlock this arcane knowledge right here.

Have you ever stared at a cryptic .emf file and wondered what magic it holds? Puzzling over the mystery of an Enhanced Metafile? Fret no more! Prepare your spells to delve deeper into the 'Analysis of .emf (Enhanced Metafile)', and unearth the hidden properties and powers capable of bending the virtual reality to your will! Explore the enigma waiting behind the veil here.

Last but not least, we present another Go-esque charm, Bool -> Int but in a crazy unique way. 'Bool -> Int But Stupid In Go’, is a whimsical journey through Go wizardry, juggling true and false into digits we understand better. Unravel this ludicrous yet intriguing transfiguration spell here.

Don't hold back now, brave digital enchanters! Hop, skip and jump right into this magical world of tech wizardry!


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