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First up, we have a troubleshooting tale from one of our fellow newsletter subscribers. Have you ever encountered any installation hiccups when working with gopls on VsCode? Well, fret no more because we've got you covered! Check out this insightful article on how to overcome gopls installation issues on VsCode. It's a real lifesaver for all you developers out there.

Alright, now let's dive into something that every developer needs – monitoring and O&M tools! But what if I told you there's a self-hosted, lightweight option? It's true! Our next highlighted link will introduce you to an amazing server and website monitoring tool that won't bog down your system. Monitoring made easy and breezy!

Oh boy, oh boy! Brace yourselves for the next highlight because it's absolutely 🔥. Introducing a next-generation CLI tool for building web apps in Go using htmx & hyperscript. Say goodbye to complex frameworks and say hello to straightforward awesomeness! Check out this link here to discover a whole new world of web development productivity.

Moving on, we have a fantastic guide for all you API enthusiasts out there! Have you ever wanted to build a RESTful API using Hexagonal Architecture in Go? Look no further, my friends! This next link will guide you through the intricate process of building RESTful APIs in Go while maintaining a scalable and maintainable codebase. Truly invaluable knowledge for any developer's toolkit.

So, have you ever wondered about the wonders of Go blockchain development? We're excited to announce that yes, there is indeed a tutorial available! Follow this fantastic link to explore the possibilities of building blockchain applications with Go. The future is now, and it's powered by Go!

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